Designer converte console Nintendinho em robô de combate letal

Alister, also known as Eletrosincronização online, is a designer who combines his passion for retro video games and robotics in an unusual way. In his most recent project, the YouTuber reused the shell of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), or Nintendinho as it’s known in Brazil, to create a battle robot capable of facing other armed machines.

In a video, the designer shows the entire creation process of the robot, which involves many complex steps. Named NEStroyer, the robot uses a circular saw as its weapon, designed from the location where the cartridge originally functioned.

To create NEStroyer, Alister first dismantled a Nintendinho completely, leaving only its external part. He then designed, 3D printed, and sold a series of components to bring motion and stability to the device. In the end, the device looked almost identical to the Nintendinho, retaining elements such as power and reset buttons, as well as controller inputs, which now serve as a support for stability during movement. All commands are made via remote control.

In tests carried out by the creator, NEStroyer was capable of creating cuts on a watermelon and a beer can, but the constant use of the saw also caused some power problems. The designer’s idea is to keep the project as an experiment and not put the robot into competitions with other creations.

Alister’s project is a great example of how technology can be reused in new and creative ways. Using his knowledge of robotics and 3D printing, he was able to give new life to an old video game console, creating something completely unique and unexpected. It’s a testament to the power of imagination and the endless possibilities of technology. Who knows what other creations will arise from the fusion of old and new technologies? We can’t wait to find out.

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