Designer converte console Nintendinho em robô de combate letal

Alister, also known as Eletrosincronização online, is a designer who combines his passion for retro video games and robotics in an unusual way. In his most recent project, the YouTuber reused the shell of a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), or Nintendinho as it’s known in Brazil, to create a battle robot capable of facing other … Ler mais

Preview de Disney Illusion Island – Disney Illusion Island não possui combate e apresenta um mapa estilo Metroidvania

Disney Illusion Island: A New Platforming Adventure Dlala Studios has shared an extensive hands-off presentation of its upcoming game, Disney Illusion Island, which includes early cutscenes and a substantial gameplay demo. The presentation has answered a number of questions and presented some intriguing new ones. Firstly, the game can be played alone, and although Mickey, … Ler mais